1026 Knox Road 2600 N
Oneida, IL 61467
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Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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We are a multi-generational farm (fourth-sixth generations) evolving to meet new challenges. Our family sold out of livestock in the 1960s and began selling insurance to farmers and rural residents. This continues today and allows us a small revenue stream that protects us from weather or market catastrophes. More important, this frees us to be flexible and experiment with new ideas (we were the first in the area to widely adopt no-tillage, we have grown seed corn, and continue to successfully grow seed soybean and non-GMO corn and non-GMO tofu soybean). The farm currently grows predominantly corn and soybean, but has always grown popcorn as a hobby. We wanted to take this sideline passion and turn it into a sustainable growth avenue for our farm. Our hull-less popcorn is not only a different color, but has a unique and better taste profile than regular yellow or white popcorn and has a thinner hull, making eating more enjoyable. It doesnat yield as well on the farm as the other hybrids, but it is a much higher quality. This is our attitude going forwardaquality over quantity. We believe that increasing the value of our crops grown per acre is a more sustainable way of passing the farm to the sixth generation than just getting bigger and bigger growing the same crops we have always grown. And that is why we are excited to be experimenting with other healthy, consumer-driven optionsasuch as buckwheat and amaranth. We are passionate about growing crops and feeding our family and yours.
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